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Passw0rd5 are h4rd

History The history of passwords is pretty astonishing. While we think of them in terms of the internet and computers generally, the idea of the military passphrase goes back to the Roman Empire and beyond. “Halt, who goes there?” was the basis of early “Identity Management”. If you didn’t have the password, get ready for […]

Meltdown and Spectre

What is it? Meltdown and Spectre are two related vulnerabilities that were unofficially announced on January 3rd. I say “unofficially” because they were supposed to be revealed to the world on January 9th in a coordinated response agreed by all the major operating system and technology vendors. However, word of the vulnerabilities leaked early on […]


What is it? LastPass is one of many password managers available. LastPass is a free or paid, cloud-based password manager. Need more information? Read this article I wrote about password managers (opens in a new tab). Important Stuff Disclaimer I take no responsibility for your use of a password manager. Ultimately, the only person who can evaluate the […]